Today I am talking skin care. The last year I have learned so much about not just my own skin, but about skin in general. I have compiled my step by step skincare routine, which has taken me year or so to refine and find what works best for me. Skin care is something I believe is under rated. It’s so important to have a regimen that works best with your specific skin type and lifestyle. I found My Skin was having major breakouts and reactions to products I was using with chemicals and eating too much dairy. When I started making changes, my skin cleared up tremendously, and I needed much less foundation, if any at all, and when I did wear foundation it looked so much better.

This is my everyday regimen: 



I Cleanse with Aveda Purifying Cream Cleanser  


I Use a Gentle Liquid exfoliate From Aveda


I use Aveda Skin Firming Agent  


I Use a Hydrtating Treatment Lotion  

Eye Mask  

I Ise Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Cream


I Use Aveda Soft Cream Mositurizer


After The Gym:

Cleanse With Water 

Tone And Exfoliate with Acne Pads

I use Aveda Outer Peace Acne Pads


I use Aveda Hydrating Treatment Lotion  

Lightly Mositurize Before Applying Make-Up

I use Aveda Daily Light Guard Sunscreen as a moisturizer and a primer before applying makeup. 




If my skin is experiencing some break outs I will use Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser (usually once a week) but normally I stick with Purifying Cream Cleanser  


I use Aveda Skin Firming Agent  


I use Aveda Hydrating Treatment Lotion

Eye Cream  

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Cream

Moisturize with Oil

I massage my face every night before bed with Aveda Beautifying Oil, it brightens my skin, helps with circulation and dryness. It is something I love to use, however this is not for everybody because of the extreme moisturizing content. I have very dry skin and live in an extremely dry climate so it does wonders, but it may not be for all. 


I also use a liquid exfoliant everyday because it’s gentle and helps with cell over, and once or twice a week I will do a move intense exfoliante— usually an exfoliating masque, or my Aveda Skin Refiner. 

I get facials every 7 weeks or so, and I will switch between a really exfoliating one, or an acne facial. 

I also do dermaplanning when I get my Aveda facials, and some people think it’s too exfoliating for them, but it has done wonders for my skin! 

I also do dry brushing, but this is an extra step I have not fully incorporated into my routine, it’s something I am trying to be better at! 


Skin care is really important to me, and it is an area of my health I have invested in. It takes time to get use to a regimen, especially if it’s a more intense one, but it is so worth taking the few extra minutes out of your day to take care of your skin.


XX, Mykel Elizabeth