“Create what you wish existed.”

“Plunging necklines, mini skirts, and barely there-fashion has become both a hot trend and a frustration for people with different standards of dress. Fast fashion and non-ethical manufacturing has ruled the fashion world for so long that it’s our normal. Low quality is our expectation and less is-more clothes are trending styles on social platforms and in stores. Years of leaving stores empty handed, desperately searching fashion magazines for clothing that met my standard of dress, led to the same frustrated feeling. I spent years of my life wondering ‘if only more companies could design clothing with higher coverage that did not lack style’ and then I realized that if I wanted something to exist in the world I should create it. And that is exactly what I did. Create what you wish existed.”

– Mykel, Founder and CEO

MYKEL is founded on standards. Standards of higher coverage fashion, and higher standards of manufacturing and quality. Each piece is hand designed by Mykel, made locally in the U.S.A by women for women and each piece is carefully inspected to ensure quality and durability.

When you shop MYKEL you are supporting quality clothing.

You are supporting ethical manufacturing.

You are supporting working women in the U.S.

You are supporting clothing with standards.