I wanted to share a few make-up tips from my last outfit post! 

Lately, I have learned that your hair color has SO much to do with what kind of make-up you can get away with on the day to day. With my dark (black!) hair, I could wear deep red lipsticks and still do a partial smokey eye without looking too Gothic. But I tried a few of these looks since being blonde and I always end up looking like I have way too much make-up on (Think Jenny Humphrey, Gossip Girl status) and I think it tends to look tacky! So I am sharing a few tips I’ve learned since going Blonde and what I can get away with and what doesn’t work anymore. So as I have been trying out different colors and tones, and it’s been fun to learn about what works really well with blonde and what doesn’t seem to.

Tip 1: Less is More

What I observed first was that I didn’t feel like I had to wear as dark of make-up. I mentioned this before but the deeper reds with the smokey eye seemed like too much of a contrast. I found that the light pinks and the soft neutral tones were WAY more complimentary.

Tip 2: Be Cautious When Choosing Your Eye shadow

The most flattering colors I have found (with golden blonde like me) are pinks and the creams, and when I want to make it more dramatic, I add a darker plum color to the crease of my eyelid. Depending on if you have warm or cool toned blonde, I found that it compliments the tones really well with golden blondes. Light to Medium neutral shades are good for blondes. Browns and taupes, pearl are good for cool toned blondes, and for those warmer blondes out there, neutral colors, bronzers and peach tones are pretty.

Tip 3: Re-Think that Smokey Eye

I talked about this a little before, but be cautious when doing the smokey eye. Especially if you’re going from dark to light in hair color, sometimes it’s tempting to still do that deep dramatic smokey eye, but with blondes, especially really light blondes, keep it light! Go for a less dramatic look. When doing a smokey eye, I stay away from black eyeliner, and go for brown instead. It’s still dramatic against the eye-shadow, but more natural at the same time.

Tip 4: Wear The Right Lipstick!

I like the pinks and neutral lip colors, but a classic cherry red with a cat winged eyeliner is a go-to for blondes (think Taylor Swift) I’ve attempted more plum and deep reds and it’s important that when wearing these you’re cautious of your eyes shadow (Think balance; the darker the lip, the lighter the eye, and the other way around, it’s my go to phrase when choosing eye shadow and lip colors.)

5. Beware Of The Brows

While I am most certainty guilty of wearing my brows a lot darker than my new blonde locks, I have learned a lesson! Sometimes I love that contrast that comes from brows that are darker than your hair, but just be cautious when filling them. Keep it as natural as possible. When I don’t fill my brows in at all, I find they look more natural against my light hair. This goes for those who have lighter brows as well. Sometimes it’s tempting when we get that brow pencil to go a little crazy. But think that less is more, and the more you fill in your brows, the less natural your overall look will appear. Not filling in your brows properly is a quick way to ruin an entirely good make-up look. And nobody wants that, do they?


Thanks for reading! Hope you find these tips helpful!