Hey guys,

I have gotten questions about my workout routine and eating habits as of late and so I wanted to make a blog post to answer questions  about it. This is the first time I’ve ever really talked about fitness or anything health related, mostly because I don’t feel like I have a lot of credibility with these things because I don’t have an Instagram worthy six pack, and I don’t know everything about nutrition. But I do know what works for me and what I like which is what you guys have asked me about. I would never tell anybody how to eat or work-out, but I can share a little of my experience with you all!

“Why did you choose crossfit workouts?” 

For a long long time most of my workouts consisted of running long distances. My whole life I have always been consistent with working out 3-4 Days a week, but the intensity of my workout always varied based on my mood. If I was motivated, I would strive for 10 miles, if I was tired, I would stop at 3. I considered for a long time getting a personal trainer who would hold me accountable, since I had a gym pass but nobody to tell me when to go or what to do when I got there.  

I signed up for a crossfit course and worked really hard at going 3-5 times a week and work with my coach. After 3 months of that, I’ve found that my best advice for consistency is accountability. I also signed up with my roommate, which kept me accountable for how I ate at home as well, and it was a lot harder to skip workouts when I had to answer to multiple people.


“Is crossfit difficult?”



 ”Why have you chosen to eat a Keto style diet?”

I really love Keto because I have found the benefits of it to be really great for my lifestyle. It’s a high protein, high fat low carb diet and I personally found a lot of energy from it. I can’t recommend it to anybody, but for me I liked it. I eat a lot of vegetables and protein. 

I don’t share it as Keto diet because it’s my own variation of it, it’s the concept that I like, but I also tried not to be too crazy about it, and although Ketosis is the goal usually for people, I found it to be beneficial for me not to deprive myself of anything I really liked for long periods of time because I find it just leads to binge eating, which is extremely unhealthy for you!  I just made adjustments for what wasn’t realistic for me long term.

*always speak to your doctor before trying a new eating style* 

 ”How do you stay motivated.”

This is something I work on constantly. By nature, I’m a really energetic person, so early morning workouts don’t phase me, but I think there is a difference between motivation and dedication. Motivation is doing it because you feel like it, and dedication is doing it even when you don’t want to, and sometimes I would be at the end of my crossfit sessions before I felt motivated. So many mornings I would wake up at 4:45AM and be so exhausted I would think about just going back to bed, then I stopped allowing it to be an option. 

Think about it, who really stays motivated 24/7? If you only do things when you feel like it, you will rarely get things done, not long term anyway. 

That being said, I found rest is also important. If I didn’t get at least 7 hours of sleep, I didn’t go to the gym in the morning.  I believe that eating right and working out are good, but getting an adequate amount of sleep is something I found to help me the most.


”What is your favorite workout?”

My ideal workout is a combination of cardio and strength, or a really long run. For quick, effective workouts I like my crossfit sessions because they’re one hour and they’re a combination of strength and cardio before work, but on a weekend or a leisure day off, I like to go for really long runs where I can run slow and just enjoy being outside. Sometimes I’ll run for 2 hours, slowly but it’s a huge stress reliever. Right now I’m looking into a personal trainer and combining other workouts. I like to switch it up and try different things.


”What advice do you have for people who want to start a more consistent routine?”

First things First is always be kind to yourself. If you start something because you hate your body or feel badly about yourself, it sets you up for failure. I get really upset when I hear about the way girls talk about their bodies and the negative self destructive thoughts they have. Insecurity is a mindset, and I believe that eating healthy and working out give your body what it needs to be positive and feel good, which was my focus. I don’t really believe in scales or weigh-ins. I actually really dislike that concept. Focus on it for the right reasons, and you will stick with it longer. When we are discouraged with our image and we desperately try to change it, we create a negative motive behind what we’re starting. But for me it was about loving myself, while also wanting and striving for the best version of myself, and I cannot even tell you how important that is!


Those are all the questions I had for this post, and if I missed any you can always remind me for next time! 

I have said this a few times, but it really comes down to what works for you and what your doctor recommends. This is my experience with eating this style and working out, but this may not be ideal for everyone. More than anything it’s important to find what works for you and having your own personal journey of loving yourself and striving to create the best version of that self, and how you get there is a personal journey but I believe it all starts with a positive mind set.

Thanks for reading!  

XOXO, Mykel