Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! I hope you all have fun plans for the Holiday! Today’s post I’m sharing some of my favorite beauty products I have come to love over the years!

Bare Minerals

I love this product! It’s a soft pink which is what I tend to go for with make-up, and it’s not too heavy or Obvious. It’s also Bare Minerals, so it’s a lot healthier on your skin. I apply it last, on my cheek bones for a little extra highlight. It’s not a blush replacement, but it’s subtle and I like that because sometimes I feel like blush can be overbearing! 

MAC Lipstick

I have talked about this before but Mac “Snob” is one of my go-to lipstick colors. It’s a more natural pink, but I think it looks good on anybody. I love Mac Lipstick because they last a long time throughout the day, and don’t dry out your lips.

Benefit Brow

For years I kept my brow products insanely basic (example: I used a dark brown eye shadow color from my Bobbi Brown Pallets that isn’t even meant for brows, but it worked for me for years and I never felt the need to switch things up, until I ran out of eye shadow!) but then I decided to invest a little more, so I ended up buying a Benefit Brow product. I tried a bunch of different kinds, and this one was my favorite. It’s a clay texture so at first it was really hard for me to get used to, but now I like it so much more because it’s pliable and easy to apply. It takes practice, but then it’s a must have in your make-up collection.

Mac Foundation:

To be honest I have gone back and forth with Mac face products because I have found that sometimes they make my fave break out (who wants that!?!) but I added this to my list of favorites because it is easily one of the highest coverage foundations I have ever used.  I typically use No. 7 foundation for the day to day, but for breakouts or days when you just need some extra foundation coverage, I always go for this. It is heavier, so if I am honest I don’t recommend it everyday, it could feel like too much on your skin! But I use it once a week or so, and it’s the best coverage ever.

Lorac Lipstick

I have talked about Lorac Lipstick before, because it is my FAVORITE. It lasts ALL day, it’s high pigment, and they have the prettiest colors.

Nars Blush

I love Nars products, but this blush is my favorite. It’s a duo which I like because it’s lighter for those days when you don’t want to wear too much make-up, but the darker color for when you do. It lasts all day, and it’s such a pretty color. I don’t wear a lot of blush, but the only blush I do wear is all Nars.


I hope these brands are helpful to you! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂