I posted on Instagram that I would be talking about my internship with Aveda and my move to Arizona!

First things first, I went to Cosmetology school years ago at Douglas J Aveda and then worked in various salons. In that time I decided that I wanted to go into Education, and teach at the Cosmetology Institutes. So I took the first step and did what I do best: research. I was looking at every Aveda school in the entire country, but none of them offered the program/internship I wanted. As it turns out, I could only find two Aveda schools that offer this program, and they were BOTH in Arizona. I was a little disappointed at first because Arizona is REALLY far from where I’m from. But I decided it is what I want to do, so I started applying and it was NOT an easy process! It took months! In my interview I found out there was only one spot open for the internship and I was so worried that I wouldn’t get in! So I was really persistent on following up, etc. After about 3 weeks I was pretty sure I didn’t get it! But then the same day I was deciding I needed to reevaluate another plan, I found out that I was accepted. Jumping for Joy would be an understatement at this point! 

Before I moved to Arizona, I didn’t know very much about it other than it has a lot of scorpions and it gets insanely hot. Both of those are still true, but it has been so fun to get to know new people and live in a new place. I love to travel, and the last few years I have moved quite a bit, so I’m starting to get used to this lifestyle. My favorite things about Arizona are:

1. (at the current moment) The weather! It’s December and its been warm here. Everybody that I talk to tells me I came at a good time of the year. And I think what they mean is “this will be an easier transition to the summer weather” which I hear is brutal.

2. The people! I have lived in different places, and I always love the people! Arizona is no exception. I’ve met so many nice people. It’s really hard moving to a brand new place where you don’t know anybody and you just kind of have to jump in and start a whole new life than your last one, and it can be so intimidating! But the people here have made the transition so much easier, I am so grateful for that!

3. The Palm Trees! Dumb, maybe? I’m from a cold place where Palm Trees do not exist and that was something I loved when I moved here was how many Palm Trees there are. It’s nice and scenic. 😉

4. Scottsdale Malls… Enough said.

5. My Internship- This opportunity at Aveda is so amazing, I can hardly believe I actually got it. I had to work REALLY HARD for it, but it’s cool to see that effort pay off. I love it so much there, and Aveda has been a home away from home for me for a long time. I love the company, and I especially love where I am at now with them, in their educator-in-training program. It’s really cool to see how, if you fight for the things that you want in your life, and make the sacrifices necessary (like moving across the country to a brand new place with no friends!) then you really can do whatever you want, and live the life that you choose. You have to fight for those things, but it’s possible.  It didn’t come without challenges, and I get homesick and miss my friends a lot, but it’s an adventure. Never would I ever have thought I would be interning at Aveda, Blogging, and living in Arizona! But I am and it’s a life that I am loving!

As always, thanks for reading.