Recently, I was able to spend a day of Wellness at the Aveda Lemond’s Spa in Litchfield Park, Arizona. 

I want to share a little bit about my day here with their staff and team, my experience, and which services I receive.

My first impression of the salon was professional and clean. And because I pay a lot of attention to aesthetics, I also noticed how well it was decorated and how nicely everything was displayed. And of course it smells like Aveda (my favorite scent in the world, so I felt right at home)

I began my day with a facial from Monika, and I also received dermaplanning per my request, since it’s one of my favorite skin care services to have done! Monika talked with me about my skin type, concerns, areas of focus, and she did a skin analysis on me to determine which products to use, and what kind of facial I should have for my skin type. Everything was customized and special to my skins needs.

After my facial was finished, Monika brought me to a waiting area that I relaxed in until I was greeted by my massage therapist, Joy.

Joy did a consultation with me about stress level, muscle tension, etc and then I received an amazing 60 minute Aveda massage. It is rare that I ever sit for very long, much less lay on a bed during a massage, but it was so relaxing. I rarely take the time I need to make sure I am getting wellness, so thank you Joy for helping me relax!

Everyone is so friendly and accommodating, and they make you feel like you are their priority while you are there. It is the most relaxing environment, even somebody as busy and on the go as me (who never sits) couldn’t help but to be relaxed

After my spa services, one of their staff members made me the most delicious smoothie and I sat by the pool (yes you can do this in Arizona in the winter! Haha) The weather was perfect. It was the perfect day.

This is the largest salon/spa I have ever been to! Somebody had to escort me around the whole time because there is so much to do, and so many places you can go. It felt more like a resort than a Salon/Spa.

There are two different sections for men and women, which I thought was cool, and they both have their private jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna.

While I was there they shared with me that people receiving services are allowed to stay longer to relax by the pool, or in the Jacuzzi, steam room, etc.

There are also multiple rooms to sit and relax in, some have fire places, some are outside, whichever you prefer for your level of relaxation needed.

After relaxing by the pool for a while, I had my hair and make-up done by Karina and Jessica, we had a lot of fun together, they are both really sweet girls and very good at what they do! The whole day they made me feel like a Princess! One of the things that sets Aveda/Lemonds apart is that they are so attentive to your needs and your relaxation level. Anytime I needed something, somebody made sure I had it right away, which I think is amazing customer service.  I was so well attended to, and I also observed that the rest of the guest there with me also received the same amazing customer service.

In the past I haven’t liked to have spa services done because I always feel rushed and anxious and never fully relaxed, but I was really impressed with how they stayed on schedule without ever making me feel rushed. There is such a nice calm, slow pace there, and it makes you want to stay all day!

Thank You LeMond’s for the most relaxing day! And a special thanks to

Jessica Kraust (Salon/Spa Manager)

Monika Gulczynski (Esthetician)

Joy (Massage Therapist)

Karina Chavez (Make-Up Artist)

Jessica Gonzales (Hair Stylist)

Nicole Davidson (Photographer)

If you are in the area and are looking for the perfect treatment and escape from your busy day, you can book an appointment on their website:

XX, Mykel Elizabeth

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