Hello! Welcome back, I hope that you are enjoying your holiday weekend, and you are somewhere sunny! I wanted to share some pictures from this photoshoot I shot in Scottsdale last week, and I have been asked a lot for a “Life Update” post as well, so I wanted to add a little of that as well. 

As some of you know, I have been out of town a lot for work and vacation. I feel like I am finally settling back into normal lifestyle in Phoenix before some more traveling in October. I am very excited to share with you what I have been working on. My skirt designs have been very well received by you all, I feel so grateful for that. I am currently working on my SECOND collection, and will be shooting that this fall! I am so excited to see were this takes me! I get asked all the time if I will be selling them, and that is a project I am working on, but will not be discussed very much until later in 2019, but please stay tuned and thank you so much for supporting that.

I have also been asked to start doing some public speaking, regarding social media marketing. I will be speaking in the Arizona area this month and next, and hopefully more places after that! I will be speaking on how to navigate social media marketing lifestyle, and how I got to where I am today with my career, following your goals, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. They are not open to the public– currently I am speaking at schools, but I hope that sometime in my future that will be something I also branch out with. I have contemplated doing a Youtube video on it, so that you can still be a part of it. Stayed tuned on that.

I realize that my life updates are usually “career” and “blog” updates, and I am trying to work on sharing more of things that are un blog related. I am so excited because my sister is moving to Arizona this week! After two years I talked her into it! So be expecting to see her and a little more of my life with her in Arizona. I think it is such a blessing to have her here. I have been homesick for a while now, and having a piece of home with me in Arizona, especially my own sister is something I have hoped would happen for a long time, so I consider this a huge tender mercy. My other sister got married back in June, and my cousin is getting married in California in October, so I am excited for a mini family reunion in San Diego. I love my family a lot, and I don’t see them as much as I would like to, so time together with them is very special to me. My Aunt and Uncle had their second baby! I haven’t met him yet, but from the pictures he is as cute as his older sister. My baby twin sisters are Seniors in high school! I am so silly but I cry about it sometimes because I remember when they were born! I never wanted them to grow up, haha! But they are both really amazing girls and I am very excited to see where they go in their life. I have no doubt they won’t do big things. It has been hard to see them all grow up and not be there for the day to day, but I have learned that it’s important to follow your dreams, wherever they take you, and embrace and be thankful for the moments that you get with the people that you love.

In closing, I  want to thank you all so much. Being a designer, educator, public speaker, and blogger is something that I have dreamed about since I was a little girl, so it is so amazing to see those dreams coming true for me, and I want everybody to know that you can build whatever kind of life you want, and create your happy life. Throughout the years, there have been so many times of discouragement, exhaustion, and frustration. The best of the best is what is posted, but there are thousands of behind the scenes moments that are so not glamorous. But this is what I chose to do with my career, and I am so so happy that I did but if there is one thing I have learned in the past few years, it’s that the best things come with the hardest work. It is important to have people that support you– so thank you all for supporting me in my life. I really am so grateful for you all, and love you very much.

Here are some photos of a recent photoshoot. It was not part of a sponsorship, or a campaign, it was just a photoshoot I had had in my mind for a while and I wanted to shoot it. No ad’s here, just some pink-feminine-Mykel-traditional shoot (say that five times fast)  Happy Week, you all!

This little area in Scottsdale was a dream! I love finding buildings and walls that I don’t notice on my day to day, and this was an area of Scottsdale I had never seen before, and it was perfect for what I imagined this photoshoot looking like.

I made these earrings last minute for this shoot. I love tassel earrings and I couldn’t find exactly the ones that I wanted. Something I am well known for is making something when I can’t find it! They turned out to be exactly what I was wanting for this shoot!

Do you like to craft? Comment below your favorite thing to make! I am always looking for new ideas!