Recently, I have wanted to switch up my style for shoots, and just my day to day style. I had this vision of a laundromat shoot that I couldn’t get out of my head so we made it happen, and I think this style turned out to be so fun and different from my usual! Sometimes you need to switch up your style just for fun and this was the whole idea behind this look.

I am in love with the high-waist, acid wash jean with the tucked in shirt and belt. I wore this shirt from chnge I received a couple weeks back and it’s the most comfortable shirt, my favorite detail is the stripped sleeves and neckline and I really love what they stand for as a company. I paired it with these white Converse, and a orange-red belt to tie it all together.

My go-to lip color has been this orange-red, and I will mostly likely continue this trend until I find one I like more. I never wore these orange colors when I had dark hair, but with the platinum blonde it has quickly become one of my favorites.

Most of you know I don’t wear my Luxy extensions as much anymore and I embrace my short(er) lengths, but I put them back in for this shoot because I like the idea of the loose blonde wave with this look, reminded me of a California style.  Here I am wearing Luxies in “Platinum Blonde.”  Click here to shop, and you can use my code MYKEL5 for a discount off your order.


Thank you for reading!

 Xx, Mykel Elizabeth