I am so excited to finally share some of my designs with you, starting with my favorite; I wanted my first collection of skirts to be my Signature Collection, one that was true to my heart, so you can expect a lot of blush tones, pastels, florals, and an all around a feminine appeal. 

This skirt in particular is one of my favorites because of the details. When I was researching designs I wanted to create, and gathering my inspiration, I found myself very attracted to the skirts with pretty detail. I love the idea of Couture Runway Style meeting the everyday girl… Taking ideas from these high fashion designs, and creating a day to day look with them. I loved wearing this skirt for the first time in Charleston, surrounded by flowers, pink walls, and the ocean. Creating my own designs has been a dream of mine as a little girl, and it has been so amazing to see how much passion and dedication I have been able to put into these skirts and designs. I hope that you find just as much inspiration as I have creating this collection, starting with the Peach Rose Skirt.

A lot of you ask how I got started doing all of this, and I think that it has been a long journey throughout the years. Interestingly enough, almost everything I have had interest in, or done, has lead me to this. About three years ago, I wanted to start sewing and I made an Etsy shop selling Lady Bows. I would sell them at Farmers Markets, Online I even did custom orders. It was so fun, and much like making skirts I enjoyed every moment of picking out the fabric, designing them and then photographing them. I even had them photographed in France. I have a whole photoshoot of my Bows all around France! I did not go there personally, but a model did go. It was such a fun experience, and I see now how all of those things led me here.

I paired this skirt with a white blouse, with pearl detailing on the sleeves, it seemed to bring out the feminine detailing of the skirt, and enhanced the color without drawing too much attention from the skirt itself. I liked the idea of a higher neck blouse, because it appealed to be a more conservative and classic look.

I get asked very often if I will sell my designs, and eventually I hope that this takes me in that direction, but for now I am enjoying designing and creating them for my blog as a brand first.

I have felt so much support and encouragement throughout this process, and it means a lot to me. Thank you so much!

xx, Mykel Elizabeth