Today I am sharing another one of my designs. I am so excited to share this look with you all! I was very inspired by the lace details of runway styles I have seen in the last few years, and that is what I wanted to incorporate into my skirts for my Signature Collection. This is one of my favorite skirts because I am currently madly in love with the baby blues that I have been seeing, especially in combination with the beautiful buildings of Charleston.


I really love the lace detail, and the floral which is what I wanted to showcase,  hence why I created the lining to be a little higher, so that it would be easier to see the lace.



The style of skirt can be worn in a number of ways, I loved the idea of a white cotton blouse and a   woven bag, with some retro shades.

There were so many beautiful buildings in Charleston, SC. I felt like every street had the most beautiful old, southern houses and I was in heaven. One of my favorite streets of all is Rainbow Row, which has the most colorful houses.

Something I have really enjoyed about designing my own skirts is being able to customize them. I never find skirts that are high waisted enough for me, or long enough.  I enjoy being able to create exactly what I love (and that I hope you love, too.)


When I was designing this skirt, I was very inspired by the details I was starting to see in fashion culture. Something about fabrics with a lot of detail always draws my attention. 

Thank you so much for reading, I am excited to share more from this collection.

XX, Mykel Elizabeth