Hello Friends!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, feel free to comment and say hello! I am switching some things up today! Lately I have felt like experimenting with patterns and getting really fun and creative with posts and my personal style. The motto life is too short to wear boring clothes has rang really true to me recently.

Mixing patterns is a concept I always loved but never embraced for myself— until now.

It’s SO fun to switch things up and make an outfit really stand out. I was really inspired by fun prints for this look— checkered, cheetah, stripes, all of it! I added the boots and sunnies for a more casual accent, and I always love a good skirt! I kept the lip bold, and the hair simple— although nothing about this new haircut feels simple! Haha!

I want to encourage you all to embrace something different! Is there a haircut or a make-up/fashion trend you have been wanting to try? NOW IS THE TIME to embrace a change! Even if you don’t think it looks good on you, but YOU want it— do it! I have always been so drawn to really dramatic styles that are really colorful and high fashion and very editorial but I was always intimidated by them on me until I decided that if it’s what I wanted, then I was going to give it a try and I am so glad I did! I have embraced a really deep, creative and some may even say artistic side of myself that I was always a little scared to do, and I have never had so much fun with my blog before! It’s less about the perfect poised shot and more about creativity and fun and it has just been the best thing. I think that pushing my creative boundaries has really made me stretch as a blogger and a designer (I have some killer skirts comin’ your way!) in way that I was needing and I hope that you will all embrace something different and find joy in something new!

XX, Mykel Elizabeth