As of late, red has become a favorite color of mine. I am not sure if it’s because it is (finally) getting cooler in Arizona and I’m feeling Fall coming, or because I recently went much blonder and I love platinum blonde with a red lip, but either way it has slowly been taking over my closet. I love the length of this dress in particular because it has a lot of movement, which is something I always look for in a dress. Keep reading for more pictures of this look, make-up and hair details, and a little life update.

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For makeup, I decided on a red lip, and a dramatic lash. I’ve changed up my brows a lot, and I have really liked the more feathered look.

I am wearing my luxy hair extensions in this picture. I have been doing much shorter lengths lately, but I loved the idea of long hair for this look. You can shop my extensions here

I wear 220g Platinum Blonde Seamless set

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Life has been crazy and busy for this blogger! I have really enjoyed this last year of blogging, and I have just had so many opportunities this year I never imagined I would have had. I recently got back from Aveda Congress, which was so amazing. The hair shows were incredible, there was so much inspiration! I am heading to San Diego this weekend for a wedding and to see my family, which I am so excited for! I have been teaching some classes on social media marketing and branding, which has been a dream come true, and I am making blog plans for 2019 which is also so exciting! I have some incredible travel destinations in store, and I am so excited for what is going to happen in 2019 for Lady Blog.

As most of you know my sister lives with me now, with her adorable dog, and I am on cloud nine having her here in Arizona! It’s been so much fun! She and I have always been pretty close, especially since were close in age, so I have really been grateful to have her here with me!


Story Time: 

So my photographer and I were at this cute spot, and this guy came up to us and was swearing and was obviously really mad. He comes back with a broom and dust pan and told me to clean up all the Rose Pedals.  

Sometimes the story behind the photo isn’t what you expect! These pictures turned out how I had hoped, but behind the scenes was an argument with a stranger about rose pedals on the side walk…


Thanks so much for reading, 

Xx, Mykel Elizabeth  




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