Hey Guys!

Its been a while since I did an actual outfit post! Lately I have been transitioning more into lifestyle blogging which I hope you guys are okay with 🙂

I have made a “AZ Summer Bucket List” of things I want to do while I’m living in Arizona, and I have fallen in love with this beautiful state! I’ll post a blog post soon all about Arizona and my adventures so far! So be on the lookout for that. 😉 

Okay, now back to clothes! I’ll share some outfit details with this look! My favorite shoes as of late are these Vince sporty style shoes and I wear them all the time. They go with so much, and I’m always looking for pieces that I can wear with different outfits. I think we all have st least one pair of shoes in our closet that we can only wear with something specific (or is that just me?)  

I have been wearing a lot more black lately and keeping it really casual, and as most of you know I’ve decided to go foundation Free this summer, and I’ve been trying to let my hair grow and not use heat!  So hats are my go to, alllll summer long!I found these black jeans at Old Navy and I am obsessed. I have so many pairs of black jeans but I’m always looking for more because sometimes I’ll cut wholes in the knee or something, so I don’t like to buy expensive ones.  

I decided to wear a coral red lip with this outfit because I think when you wear all black you have to switch up your lipstick sometimes to make a statement!  

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend! I’ve had the best week this week, and I hope you guys did too! 

love you all! 

xoxo, Mykel Elizabeth


Hat | Shoes | Jeans | Backpack  

** if the pieces were out of stock, I sent a link to a similar style **