I’ve had so many other things going that Fashion has taken a back seat but I hope to start adding more. It’s Fall in Arizona, which means 90 degrees still and no cute scarfs, so I had to get creative for a Fall look! 

I love lace and cream and I think it goes with fall colors so well. I chose a light lace for this shoot, and I got it at an amazing thrift store here in the Phoenix valley.  Nothing screams fall like a good hat, so I wore one with a light denim jacket. 

I kept the shoes scrappy because it’s so hot here still, but I chose a fall color which is one of my favorite. I love the burnt orange-brown color that’s in style at them moment. The key for Fall trend in hot climates is color and fabric. Instead of jeans I wore a light jean jacket, instead of a scarf I wore a fall style hat. It’s small things like that that make a big difference. You can also switch to your make-up, darker tones of eyeshadow and shades of lipstick. Back home this time of year is my favorite because all the leaves change and the air is cooler and crisp. I moved to AZ a year ago, so this is my second Fall season here. Below I’ve linked some styles that are similar to mine.




I really enjoy that Arizona has so many cactus’s and scenic desert places. At first it took me a long time to get used to, especially coming from Michigan where it’s really green, but lately I have been really embracing it and enjoying it.