Hey Guys!

Here is a photoshoot I did with a skirt that I made (the tutorial will be in my “DIY” section) 

I really love gold and black together, and when I found this fabric I knew I needed to make a skirt out of it! I wanted it to make a statement, so I wore all back with it to really make the gold and grey pop. I realized it looked really dressy (which I love dressy!) so I wanted to tone it down a little bit with these MIA black flats. I think they added the perfect touch of comfortable and casual to an outfit that is otherwise really dressy. I always (like, always… it seems every posts I mention this!) talk about versatility and buying (or in this case, making!) pieces that I can wear dressed up or down. When making or buying clothes, I always look for pieces that I can wear with lots of different things and made into different styles. 


Thanks for following along.