I am excited to share the outfit details for this boho look. I really love this flowy dress, and I actually found it when I went back to Michigan to visit family for a few weeks on vacation. I stayed at my grandparents lake house a lot of the time and found this dress during one of the fourth of July sales they have there. It is definitely vintage! Haha. But I am just obsessed with it. At first I stared at it for a long time, trying to decide what I would wear with it, and if I would really actually wear it (I buy clothes ALL the time, and then never wear them. It’s pretty common for me, and I am trying to kick the habit by visualizing what I would actually wear with something before I go out an buy it! It works pretty well!) but this dress was too unique not to take the risk (plus it was as cheap as they come!)

Later that week, I was shopping somewhere I have only shopped like once in my life— Old Navy. I don’t know why, I just never have shopped there before, it never felt like my kind of store (whatever that means!) but I went shopping in Utah when I got back and ended up in an Old Navy store! And I found this denim jacket. I AM OBSESSED. I did buy it a little too big, which I regret, but for the fall when I wear layers under it, it will be perfect. The combo of these two was love at first sight, and the shoes I loved because they match my favorite Rebecca Minkoff purse.

This hat is from Nordstrom Rack, one of the many hats I bought when I was going through that crazy hat phase! Haha, I regret nothing. I still love them! 

The necklace is from a customize jewelry company “Something About Silver” and I am obsessed! I love love love when my jewelry is customized and this look is pretty without adding too much to this outfit.

I love so many styles, but I really love that bohemian vintage style, it’s carefree and stylish without trying too hard. It’s a favorite.

Here are the outfit details, including other similar styles to what I am wearing:







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