This is a fun little vintage style I did, and I think the colors ended up turning out so pretty! This yellow top is easily a one of a kind shirt, which is probably why I found it at a vintage store. I LOVE it. It’s a little boxier than I usually like, but the color is unique. I paired it with these black pants from Banana Republic, and these BCBG heels that are quickly becoming my favorite heels. They seem to go with everything!

I wanted to switch it up a little with my hair, so I did a braid crown (I have an other BOHO shoot with it, click here) and since my hair is shorter now I had to put my extensions in and it turned out surprisingly well. I am working on a tutorial for it now for anybody with short hair that still wants to be able to do a braid crown!

Links to similar styles of all these are down below. The pants are sold out in black, but I love the grey ones too! And I linked a similar style shirt since mine was a vintage find. I hope you like them, I had a lot of fun doing this shoot/outfit.