I wanted to talk a little about eShakti today, even though I have talked about this brand before. For me, it’s ALWAYS a struggle to find the perfect dress. Not just because I am picky, but because I have high standards in what I wear, and plunging necklines and thigh high hem lengths just won’t do! So eShakti has been a lifesaver for me. A friend told me about their brand a few years ago while I was obsessing over a few dresses that she had in her closet, and I became  a fan ever since. I am in no way affiliated with this brand, all of these opinions are my own, and I genuinely am so grateful to have found this website, and wanted to share it with any of you that also have problems finding dresses you like. And even if it is for different reasons, I think that everybody benefits from a store that is completely customizable, and affordable. For some, the prices may seem high, but good news is when you register, you get 30$ off your first purchase, and free alterations. So go to eshakti.com and start shopping!