I say this about all of the shoots… But this one was so much fun. Megan is a wonderful photographer. I wanted to do a vintage shoot, and although this doesn’t scream vintage, I love the vintage accents. I found this coat at a thrift store, and although that’s not usually my go-to store, whenever I am looking for especially unique (and vintage) pieces, I always end up there. I love the style of this coat, and the color is so beautiful. Obviously, being from a second hand store, it’s unavailable, but here are some very similar styles that I loved for you to check out. Click here and here and (to splurge click here) for a cheaper style, click here and here

This skirt was love at first site. I LOVE everything Lauren Conrad, I am so obsessed with every line she has put out, and this one was no exception. To shop Lauren Conrad Floral Skirts, click here and here (I LOVE these two and they are on clearance right now for 12.00… A steal!)

Unfortunately, when I first tried it on it was really short (too short for my style) so I added a skirt extender to the bottom, and the lace seemed to go perfectly with the style and theme of the shoot. (To shop skirt extenders, click here)

I have worn these shoes before in a shoot (click here and here to see an old shoot of these shoes, two of my very first posts ever!) but they are my go-to. I love Vince Camuto, and I love nude heels. To shop similar styles from Vince Camuto click here, and to shop cheaper styles at asos.com click here and a pair from DSW.COM here.

Funny story about these pretty white roses. I didn’t have time to go to my usual place for flowers (the Farmers Market— They seriously have the best flowers) and I ended up running into a grocery store to grab some, and I didn’t pay much attention to them, until I got home I realized that I was only given 11 roses, and paid for a dozen! I ended up finding a stem without a flower attached, and all I could think was that is what happens when you don’t buy your flowers from a Farmers Market! Haha. 

I hope you enjoy, and have a great day!