How much fun was this photoshoot!? 

I wanted to do something that was really unique, because my style changes by the day, and it is honestly really difficult for me to say what exactly my style is, because I like just about everything. It can be a struggle sometimes to find clothing that is more conservative (we’re talking hem lengths here) and universally, that is my “style”  but, as far as everything else goes, I like to switch it up and play it up a lot. I think that sometimes we try to define what our “style” or “vibe” is with fashion, when really it doesn’t matter. Or we dress for other people, because main stream style is definitely the more safe route. But that has never really been me. I think that if you really like a certain style, and maybe it’s less popular, it will always pay off to really be true to your style, and for some people, that is a t-shirt and jeans. And I love that. For some, it’s not. I hoped that in starting this blog I would be able to inspire people to embrace their own style, which is why I talk about versatility like, all the time. I like to embrace a wide variety of styles, that’s my style.

(Okay, I think I said “style” like fifteen times in that paragraph… sorry about that.)

Okay, I am ranting. I just think that it’s important that we all are true to ourselves, and try to find out own voice in our fashion and to embrace it fully, regardless of what people say, and maybe for some, that is hardly dressing up at all. And there is nothing wrong with that. I see so many girls being so hard on themselves about brands and style and trying to figure it all out so that they can fit in the fashion world (wait, am I just describing myself now? Haha!) and the truth is trying to be just like somebody else is, for a lack of a better term… So unoriginal. There has always been something so intriguing and likeable to me about a person who doesn’t care what others think about what she wears, and does here own thing, wheather that be breaking through fashion norms, or not caring as much. 

So be kind to others, be kind to yourself. 

(I realize there is slight irony in a fashion blogger telling you it doesn’t really matter if you are fashionable or not. But I suppose my point is that not everybody will have the same fashion, and that I want you to embrace yours, no matter how popular society or even your peers has deemed it.)

So I hope you enjoy these pictures. I sure had fun shooting them! 

My hair was basically a rats nest by the end of the day, and it took about an hour to get it back to normal! I just took the ends and teased them with a fine toothed comb.

I probably wouldn’t wear this outfit out running errands, but I sure had fun shooting in it. I found this jacket at a thrift store, so naturally it was 5 times too big, and it was made in Asia, which I thought was cool. I am obsessed with the colors. I will try to link similar styles down below.

Happy Thursday.