As you can probably tell from the pictures, this photo shoot was so much fun! The weather was absolutely beautiful, even though it was soo windy! I was afraid my hat was going to fly off and land in the water! Thankfully my dress is a heavier material so it wasn’t too bad! But it was way too nice out to pass the opportunity to shoot! The sky and mountains were so blue, I loved it.

As you can tell I decided not to wear my extensions anymore, and to get “a little trim” (my hair was pretty unhealthy, which is really easy to hide with extensions but when I stopped wearing them it was a lot more noticeable.) so I decided to rock my natural (and much shorter) hair for a while, which took me FOREVER to decide to do (probably because my emotional attachment to my extensions was… uh, a little unhealthy? Haha!) but it’s been fun! I am a really big fan of versatility, and having options when exploring my creativity, so thank goodness for modern beauty “technology” (aka hair extensions) which allows me to have short hair one day, and long the next (weird, I know. But without the comfort of knowing it can be long again tomorrow, I probably would haven’t been able to do it!)

Speaking of versatility! This dress! I adore it, because you can dress it up or down. Sometimes I wear it while I am out running errands, and then in the evening I will pair it with heels and a nice bag and I am all good to go, I love it. Again, I am all about versatility!

I am currently obsessed with this hat, which is pretty much true for most of Betsey Johnsons hat line! Again with the versatility, you can add it to a casual outfit or dress it up a little. It’s perfect!

(Betsey Johnson Hat: Sold out, but a similar, less expensive style here

Have a great day!!!