I am so excited to share this post! I am a lover of all things vintage, and I found this adorable little cafe down town, and a brick wall next door. And I ended up wandering into a vintage store down the street, so everything about this day felt very vintage.

Some days, I like to wear baggy shirts (like, borderline too baggy! Ha.) and this over sized sweater is one of my favorites. And it’s vintage itself! I’m not sure exactly where I got it from, it seemed to just sort of show up in my closet one day without my noticing. No doubt it wasn’t from a thrift store. I am a big fan of dark reds with gold and black, so I paired it with a pair of dark red skinnies (from Downeast)

Two fun facts about this shoot:

1. It was raining/snowing (just in case you thought that was dandruff in my hair…)

2. I don’t drink coffee (click here to learn why) but I needed an excuse to be in this cafe for a considerable amount of time without getting kicked out, so I contributed by buying this cup of hot chocolate. It worked! Haha!