Hello, Hello, Hello!

One of my favorite things about Fall/Winter is wearing cute jackets and coats. I have always been obsessed with them. Since moving to Arizona I don’t get to wear them as much, BUT while I was in Utah a few weeks ago, I got to! Whenever I’m shopping for a coat, I always try to find good quality, especially because you will get to wear them SO much longer if you choose quality material. I’ll admit I have a few jackets I bought (under 20’s) and I wear them a lot more and get good use out of them, but I found it beneficial to splurge when it comes to winter coats/jackets.

For this look I paired it with a light green shirt from Express, I have been obsessed with it since I first laid eyes on it. The simple zipper, but I think that the color looks good with blonde hair (you can totally laugh at me that I pick my shirts depending on how my hair looks with them, I know it’s weird!) 

It’s no secret I am no a huge fan of Blue Denim. I love jeans, but I just always find myself gravitating more towards the dark/black pants and jeans, so that’s what I paired this look with, and then some booties from Lucky Brand.

Overall, I love the clean, crisp look I got with this combo, and wanted to share! I think that a white coat just adds the perfect touch to an outfit.

The choker I made a white back and was so obsessed with my own creation I wore it for like two weeks straight. I’m thinking of having a tutorial on how I make my choker necklaces! It’s so fun, and I love making them custom to my style. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! Outfit details or similar styles below!