I talked a little before about modesty (click here to read more), and growing up in the wonderful state of Michigan and how hard it can be to find modest clothes. However much I LOVE Michigan, it can be REALLY difficult to find modest and professional clothing (especially skirts and dresses!) and I am sure there are plenty of you that would say the same thing! Growing up as a teenager, and in my early adulthood years, it was hard. So I took matters into my own hands (as I am so accustom to doing!) and starting making my own! I just started looking at Pinterest for DIY skirts and I started making my own and developed a passion for creating clothes, and it was definitely a creative outlet for me.  I will post a tutorial soon on how I make them (It’s so easy!) and I have quite a collection by now! It’s been a lot of fun and has helped me work hard to keep my standards, and it’s been a pretty cool experience for me. It has taught me that we don’t have to lower our standards just because it’s harder to keep them. You work with what you can, and you do your best. And for me, it ended up being a talent I didn’t know I had! Like I said, I ended up really LOVING making my own clothes, and was definitely a positive thing in my life!

Happy Friday!


                                          SKIRT: I MADE // BAG: BCBG // SWEATER: H&M