I love this dress; I love dressing up; I love basset hound puppies.

As (most of) you know, I am always out looking for a good modest dress (to read my views on conservative clothing, click here
It’s hard to find them and sometimes leads to discouragement. The hem is way too short, it’s sleeveless, or a variety of others. And when I do look at modest dresses, they are sometimes gaudy and I feel so frumpy wearing them! I actually have this sort of… game that I play (with myself, because that is normal?) and I tell myself that if I find a modest dress that I love, I buy it, and I willingly splurge. I know that might not seem realisitic, but it doesn’t happen often, especially where I grew up (in Michigan)
So I was thrilled when I found eShakti. I absolutely ADORE dresses and this is a site full of dresses with LOTS of variety. The best part is that they are customizable— which for me is perfect because sometimes (okay, all the time) I am really picky with dresses and never seem to find the dress that is just right. So after spending a lot of time deciding which one to get, I found this dress and FELL IN LOVE
I love black dresses, and I love collars, and I loved the feminine look this had. 
I was able to make it completely customized to my size and make a modest addition. I was skeptical when it came in the mail at first, because I rarely order dresses off the internet  and have them fit perfectly, but I was so so so pleased with this one! I loved it! 
So I want you to check out their site, because it is amazing and the prices are really reasonable.

Also, the first time you sign up, you get 40$ off you first purchase, and free customizations!

Happy Shopping!



(disclaimer:  I promise this is not an advertisement. eShakti and myself have no agreement or arrangement of any kind; I just really love their store, and feel like it could be perfect if you have a hard time finding exactly what you want. I am all about customizing and having exactly what I want!)

                                      DRESS: eShakti SHOES: H&M BAG: SAMMY DRESS