I have been having lots of questions about my dress! I will save the details for my tutorial coming soon, but basically it was a tunic from White House Black Market that I wanted to be a dress, so I did what I always do, and I made it happen (I am sure there is a life lesson in there somewhere…) and I went to the craft store, also known as my second home, and I just started buying fabric and getting all of these ideas. When my creative wheels start going, I get a little crazy! Haha (for example I stayed up until 4AM working on the dress to wear to the fashion show. What can I say for myself? Nothing! I just love to craft and create things!) so I started getting all of these fun ideas, and started sewing a skirt (which, for the dress ended up being a skirt extender) to wear under the dress. It was so much fun making it. I love being able to wear my own things, there is something really awesome about being able to wear something that you made. It doesn’t get more original than that. And I love it. So I will be posting a tutorial on how I went about all of that soon, so stay tuned!

After the show was over, I drove over to go to the famous Temple Square! (to learn more about LDS temples, click here and here)  I had never been before, and I was like a kid on Christmas, I was so excited. If I am being honest, I was more excited about getting to Temple Square than I was for the Fashion Show! So I wandered around and took pictures and it was just breathtaking! It truly is the House of the Lord, there is so much peace there and it was just so wonderful! I couldn’t stop taking pictures… I was a true tourist, haha!

There was definitely a dramatic difference between the Fashion Show and being in the Temple. I love fashion, in all it’s vast creativity, but nothing brings the peace and happiness like being in the temple. The feelings were so different. At the Fashion Show it was high paced, loud music, the skinniest models I have ever seen, big crowds, and sometimes that can be really intimidating, and overwhelming because you kind of size yourself up to everybody there, and sometimes you don’t even realize you are doing it, but you are!

And then being in the temple, a sacred place, all I felt the whole time was peace, and acceptance of myself and who I was as a person, and it is just the most amazing feeling, and nothing can take it’s place. Like I said, I love fashion and for years I have been a part of that industry with my career choice, and it was just that: a choice, but it was so nice to have a fun day at an energetic, exciting event like the Fashion Show, and then to be able to end it by being on sacred grounds of one of the most peaceful places on earth. It made me realize that while fashion and that industry can be really fun, there are more important things in life and it’s important that we always remember that.


My iPhone was not my friend at the Fashion show, so I picked the pictures that were the least blurry to post!

I didn’t get any good ones of me actually IN the dress, I will have to get some later, but here is the dress.

 For my make-up I wanted to do purples and nudes to match my dress. For my make-up I wanted to do purples and nudes to match my dress.


                            TEMPLE SQUARE


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