I wanted to share a little post today talking about one of my favorite days of the week: Sunday.

I believe Sunday is a day of resting and going to church (click here to read more on my views of the Sabbath) and I wanted to share some of my favorite things to do on Sunday instead of making it my usual day of running around, busy and chaotic. It’s so important to have a day of rest and these five things are my favorite to do on Sunday’s!

1. Focus On Family

Because I live far from home, Sunday’s are my favorite day to call my family members and catch up on how their doing. When I lived closer to home, it was easier to do family dinners, or get togethers, but for now I resort to doing what I can, like Facetiming, or calling them. I think it’s so important to stay connected to your family, and Sunday is a good day for me to focus on that.

2. Focus On Goals, And Bettering Myself

One of the reasons I love Sunday’s so much is I get to reflect on my goals, and the kind of person that I want to become. I always receive so much inspiration when I go to church, and it helps to focus on bettering myself, and loving others more! It’s such a happy feeling!

3. Set Goals For The Week

That being said, I love to take time on my Sunday’s to set goals for the week. Improvements I want to make, and ways that I want to be better. I’m such a firm believer that you can be anybody that you want to be, and if there are things about yourself that you want to change, you can change them! So I love taking time on Sunday’s to reflect on ways to become better than the week before. Sometimes it’s silly things, like not getting so annoyed and impatient in traffic, and other times it’s bigger things, like being a better sister, or friend, or co-worker. It’s so important for me to set goals for the next week and write them down, so that I can work on becoming a better person.

4. Long Walks

If you know me, you know walks are my thing. Morning walks, afternoon walks, night walks. I love them all. I love to take long walks, but the week doesn’t always allow me to, so I make sure that on Sunday I take the time to go for a long walk. It doesn’t matter where. I always feel better when I go for a walk, especially when I put my phone away and try to enjoy nature, and the beautiful Earth that we live on. 

5. Journaling

I love to take time on Sunday’s to write in my journal. I write about all kinds of things, but I like to write down decisions I have to make, and things to work on for the next week (See Number 3) I take time on Sunday’s to journal because I don’t get The time throughout the week. 

Here are my favorite things to do on Sunday! I think it’s important to take out one day of the week to devote to self improvement, and REST, and drawing closer to God. I LOVE Sunday’s, because they are the happiest days of the week for me. I hope that you find time in your busy schedule to take time to appreciate the things that matter the very most.





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