Dressing modestly (or conservatively) is something that I was always taught. (Click here to read more about that)

Growing up, I always struggled with finding clothing that met my standards of dress. During shopping trips I always found myself sifting through dresses with plunging necklines, and skirts that were thigh-high, and I would typically come home from shopping trips discouraged. So finally about three years ago I took matters into my own hands (something I am VERY well known for doing!) And I remember thinking, “well if it’s going to be so hard to buy modest clothes, then I will just make them.” 

And that is when I started making my own skirts. I have always been creative, and when I was younger and not doing sports, I was crafting! I still remember my Mother teaching me how to navigate what was then a foreign object; the sewing machine. Her simplicity in sewing was good for me, because I learned quickly. I will be the first to say that sewing does NOT come naturally to me, and even still I find it so frustrating sometimes (all you who sew know what I am talking about; broken needles because you tried to sew a sequin skirt, running out of thread on your bobbin just as you’re finishing up, or thinking something is perfect until you try it on and realized you didn’t do the math correctly and now it’s way too small. I have experience a lot of frustration in learning to sew!) and I really am not an expert or professional, in fact most professionals would probably laugh watching my techniques! But they work for me, and sewing as SIMPLY as possible is my goal and always will be.

I have a friend who studied fashion design and has a real talent for sewing (the talent I wished I had!) and she has taught me a lot, and I’ve tried to implement her techniques into my own sewing. The first skirt I ever made was a disaster. I wore it proudly, but the seams were off, and it barley fit because I (once again) had accidentally made it a little too small. But I was so proud of it, so I wore it! And thankfully my friends and family didn’t say anything about it, although as they are custom to doing with me, they probably were secretly shaking their heads as I proudly wore my first ever attempted maxi skirt.

Over the last year or so I have really tried to practice, and I have started making a lot of my own skirts. I am still not as talented as I wished I would be, but learning to sew takes time, and learning to sew well takes even longer. There are so many things I am still learning, and I by no means consider myself very good. But I knew what my standards were, and I wanted to keep them, so I have really dedicated myself to learning to sew! 

Since I started sewing my own modest skirts, I have found a hobby that I really do love, as frustrated as I get at the sewing machine, and I have found something that I find worth my time. I originally started this blog hoping to inspire young (or old!) girls to be able to do the same, to always keep your standards of dress and never compromise those standards. I found a way to do what I believed was how I should dress, and it wasn’t easy, especially in today’s world that goes against modest and ladylike fashion, and views clothing as the shorter or higher the better. 

I believe that being modest in how we dress and speak is the Lord’s way, and I have seen so many blessings in my life that have come from that. I will be the first to agree that sleeve lengths do not define a person’s personal character, and modesty is so much more than what you wear, it’s the person that you strive to become, and dressing modestly has helped me to be able to become the person that I want to be. I believe that how we dress says a lot about how we feel about ourselves. I have found so much more confidence come in my life as I have lived the principle of modesty as best as I can.

For more reading on my beliefs of modesty, click here and here.

Thank you so much for reading!



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