I wanted to share with you today some organizing tips. I get asked questions as both a blogger and just an avid organizer of how I keep my closet neat and orderly.

I have really busy weeks working at the school or blogging meetings or photoshoots that usually begin at 4AM and end when I finally get to bed around 10PM, I don’t have a lot of time for outfit planning for the next day. I also do photoshoots most Mondays and Tuesdays and it can get overwhelming trying to plan outfits out in a full closet! About a year ago or so I started planning outfits for the whole week for social things or work, and photoshoots. I hang them separate from my closet, and I select my favorite pieces and then plan from there. This is also useful if you’re packing for a vacation! I set all my clothes out on a clothing rack in my room and it helps me stay so much more organized. I will be honest and say that my closet size can be overwhelming to me sometimes and as much as I clean it out on a regular basis, with clothing brand collaborations, it can become hard to manage. In my main closet I organize by color and length, but it helps so much to go through and have clothing items ready on a clothing rack. 

As far as style, I like to keep things really feminine and pretty so I usually go for vintage style hangers in pastel tones.

I am constantly looking for ways to keep closet space neat and organized and it’s taken me a while to find a good system that works for me. I very much dislike going through hundreds of items when I need to be out the door and I never know what to wear in an instant, so having options of outfits preplanned has saved me from making a tornado of my closet every morning.  

I hope that these tips help you with keeping your closet space neat and orderly, if you have any more questions about organizing, please let me know.

XOXO, Mykel Elizabeth  


  1. Thanks for the tips! I don’t have too many clothes, but it could be fun to plan out outfits that I wouldn’t think of immediately.


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